Auto Customization & Upfits

There are many vehicles on the road with customized items.  Rims, lift kits, grills, sound systems, light bars, and much more.  Many insurance customers will believe all this will be automatically covered under their insurance policy.  That is not the case.  Unless your agent is made aware, and adds the appropriate customization to your policy, you will have no coverage for aftermarket parts including upfits.

There is a trend going on where dealers “upfit” a vehicle prior to selling on the lot.  Black Widow and Rocky Ridge trucks are a good example.  Jeeps and other SUVs can be upfitted.  These can have 20K-30K+ in upfit from Black Widow or Rocky Ridge and then the dealer sells the vehicle as new.  We are aware of this trend.  We are even seeing Subaru customers with lift kits and aftermarket rims.  If your agent did not discuss this with you when adding the vehicle to the policy, it is highly unlikely you have appropriate coverage in the event of a loss.

Let’s talk rating.  Yes, the premium will cost more.  However, most likely you just spent more on an amazing vehicle for these added customized items.  Don’t you want to cover it properly for a little more to protect your nice investment?

Not all insurance companies are the same.  Some will only cover up to $5,000 of customization.  Some won’t cover the vehicle if the lift is more than 4”.  Other carriers we have will cover it all on a stated value, including customization. 

When you call, email, or text us for a quote, discuss your vehicles with our staff.  Existing customers, we want to do the same when you are adding a new vehicle.  If you’ve added some customization and haven’t let us know, please do so immediately.  We want you to have the best claims experience possible with the appropriate coverage. 

The two companies we reference are sourced below.  Reach out to our TEAM with any questions and we will be happy to assist you!  We insure in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexco, and Arizona.




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