Monday Motivation: Trials vs. Blessings


Trials vs. Blessings

Do you find that to be true? So often we tend to focus on the areas of our lives that aren’t going according to plan; those hard parts, those painful bits. And in the same breath our wonderful blessings fade into the background like sand washing away from the shore. I find that with that mindset comes poor and discontent attitudes, too. 

We’d like to encourage you today to remember all the WONDERFUL BLESSINGS in your life. Especially during this holiday season, choose to give the trials a backseat. Bring your attention back to all the things going well in your life. Trust me, you'll find something going well. Dwell there, in your blessings, awhile and watch your spirit lift. It’ll do wonders for your attitude, I promise! JOY is a powerful force that can change your perspective on all the negative going on around you. Choose gratitude & joy and blessings will follow you.

Thankful & Blessed,

Team Cobble


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